The Fable of Rasiglia

The Fable of Rasiglia

In Rasiglia, a small fraction of Foligno, several streams flow right next to the old houses of the small village, creating a unique spectacle that seems to immerse visitors in a fairy tale. Rasiglia in fact seems to be one of those places described by the words of a writer or depicted on the cover of a children's book, but Rasiglia really exists and is as beautiful as you would imagine reading a story.

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In this splendid Umbrian village the nature, with its lush green mountains and the clear water that flows between the houses, is in perfect harmony with the village and the streams, interspersed with some small waterfalls, blend into the streets and stairways of the small town. The constant sound of water flowing under the windows of the houses replaces the urban noise of cars and scooters and reminds visitors and inhabitants that here man is literally hosted by nature and, in the case of Rasiglia, it is a successful combination.

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A catalogue of masterpieces, great artists ... Look around you: an Etruscan well, Roman monuments but also Byzantine mosaics and even Giotto and Perugino. You will find places not so different from centuries ago, where everything has kept its charm unchanged.

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