Castello di Pupaggi Restaurant

The restaurant offers a chance to taste the cuisine with a real quality. To get the traditional Umbrian taste starts from the raw material production or a careful selection by Castellano and also with creative combinations to serve. The restaurant, with its old dungeons of the Castle by the end of 1200s, is well restored and also protected by the Cultural Heritage.

Food stories inspired by the local cuisine

With its unique landscape nestled in the mountains and valleys, the restaurant also perfect for banquets and private ceremonies by its cuisine in a good quality and a family atmosphere. Our specialities are: pasta with always homemade sauce, the truffles and the meat products from our BLACK PIGS.

Why choose us

  • Our cuisine is characterized by preparations handed down from generation to generation
  • Flavors, perfumes, unique sensations that take us back in time can be raised from the menu that highlight the typical characteristics of the territory.
  • Evocative and historical location, intimate and enveloping atmosphere, ideal for romantic dinners
  • We will assist you from the beginning to the end making your wedding day unforgettable

Convivial family-run restaurant

Local and fresh products

Perfect for couples

Perfect wedding destination