Truffle hunting

Truffle hunting

The Valnerina: a valley that takes its name from the river that crosses it, the Nera. It is an area rich in history and traditions, with a very characteristic landscape, where the industrialization of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has not distorted the unspoiled landscape. Imposing rocky hills, forests, and very fertile valleys blanketed by pastures alternate with farms and cultivated fields. Thus, even today, this area boasts a large number of typical products. The treasures of the Valnerina are found, knowing how to look for them, in the woods: they are the Precious Black Truffle of Norcia, the Summer Truffle and finally the Winter one. That's why this tasty tuber features in so many typical local recipes!

Our proposal

You'll enjoy some hours walking through typical woods, picking truffles along with a special guide, also an expert, but mostly a friend who will teach how to find truffles with dog. After the walk we go back to the house for a delicious lunch based on fresh truffles.



Food stories inspired by the local cuisine

With its unique landscape nestled in the mountains and valleys, the restaurant also perfect for banquets and private ceremonies by its cuisine in a good quality and a family atmosphere. Our specialities are: pasta with always homemade sauce, the truffles and the meat products from our BLACK PIGS.

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