Among woods, valleys and plateaus and along the gentle slopes of the hills you can find precious treasures, all to be tasted: in Umbria you can follow roads that lead you to taste the excellent products of this land. Let yourself be led to the discovery of the ancient flavours that have influenced the food and wine culture of Umbria, such as lentils, saffron, truffles and cheeses. Umbria: a land to live with the five senses, first of all the taste.

Our proposal

The particular geographical position, the right altitude, the currents: in addition to these unique characteristics, Norcia adds a centuries-old tradition in the processing and preservation of pork meats, so much so that it has given its name to this specific meat processing profession. A variety of ham, pork meats, salami and cheeses will be served accompanied by white or dark wood-baked bread and torta al testo (local focaccia). Matching wines: DOCG wines.



Food stories inspired by the local cuisine

With its unique landscape nestled in the mountains and valleys, the restaurant also perfect for banquets and private ceremonies by its cuisine in a good quality and a family atmosphere. Our specialities are: pasta with always homemade sauce, the truffles and the meat products from our BLACK PIGS.

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