Foligno's historic center has a number of beautiful religious buildings and noble palaces. Starting from Piazza della Repubblica, focal point of the town's civic and social life, worthy of a visit are the Cathedral, with its secondary fa├žade, an architectural gem, by the masters Rodolfo and Binello (1201), the Town Hall, and Palazzo Trinci (1389-1407), seat of the Archeological Museum and of the Picture Gallery. Nearby is the new Municipal Library, which has over 600 drawings by the Imperial Regio Architect Giuseppe Piermarini. Other must-sees are: the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria Infraportas, with frescoes by Nelli, Ugolino di Gisberto, Alunno and Mezzastris; the Church of San Salvatore, with an 18th-century interior by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli; and the former church of San Domenico, today a splendid Auditorium.

Quintana Joust

Twice a year, Foligno is home to the Giostra della Quintana, a medieval tournament in which ten knights, representing the ten town districts of Foligno, test their skills trying to stick their spear through a series of rings, all whilst racing a horse. The night before the competition, more than 600 people in period costume parade through the streets of the town, a splendid occasion to discover this beautiful town in an unparalleled setting. During the festival is also possible to reserve a seat at an al fresco medieval banquet in the Piazza Grande.

A unique system of museums and works set in every place

A catalogue of masterpieces, great artists ... Look around you: an Etruscan well, Roman monuments but also Byzantine mosaics and even Giotto and Perugino. You will find places not so different from centuries ago, where everything has kept its charm unchanged.

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