Sources of Clitunno

Sources of Clitunno

The Clitunno river’s springs have created a lake with very clear and emerald green waters. This water garden inspired poets such as Propertius, Pliny, Virgilio, Byron and Carducci. Groundwater comes to the suface as several water springs, a few of which can be found on the lakebed. The water mirrors intense and changing colours, is rich in rare vegetal species (phanerogams, horsetail, moss, aquatic nasturtium…) that create a luxuriant appearance of rare beauty. Its shores are surrounded by a thick vegetation, particularly weeping willows and poplars. Their rare beauty has inspired painters, poets and writers since ancient times.

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The Tempietto del Clitunno is an elegant early-Christian building dedicated to S. Salvatore which is found at the foot of Campello sul Clitunno. Some believe it was built in the 4th century or at the beginning of the 5th, whilst others believe it was between the 7th-9th centuries. It uses architectural elements from pagan shrines as recalled by Pliny the Younger, which were found in the nearby springs at the source of the river.

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