Climbing and Caving

Climbing and Caving

Come and discover Umbria with its narrow tunnels, high peaks and deep caves immersed in silence. The rock face: although for many it is a daunting prospect, it is the best friend of every climber. The peaks of Umbria present some of the most important cliffs in Europe, with walls and routes suitable for all climbers. Umbria's caves offer unique and memorable experiences to expert and non-expert speleologists alike.

Umbria- Arrampicata e speleologia
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The visit to the natural caves that open into the travertine rock of Marmore provides a unique opportunity to explore the amazing secrets of the underworld. There is easy access from the park Campacci Marmore. Within the area of the waterfall excursion, the Caves are a fantastic natural geological laboratory that provides many ideas of scientific investigation together with the experience of real unusual discovery of a fascinating world, poised between the light filtering from the outside and darkness reigning sovereign perpetually conditioning totally natural environment. And it is possible to take two different routes, one-purely tourist, and shorter.



Sports and activities in the Green Heart of Italy

Do you like challenges? Are you looking for the adrenaline of a hang-gliding free-flight or the thrill of riding the rapids of the Nera in a rubber raft? Do you prefer to ride a horse in an incomparable landscape or tame the wind with a sail? Umbria, a waterfall of entertainment.

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