An adventure on a donkey

An adventure on a donkey

The donkeys are the perfect companions for the trips with kids. First of all, the donkeys are very tame animals and it seems that they love the contact with the kids to be cuddled and caressed because of their natural sweetness.

Umbria- An adventure on a donkey
Our proposal

We offer a program fun and in contact with nature in the suggestive territory of the Sibillini Mountains National Park. The donkey is an animal slow and cautious, but he is also stubborn and tenacious, he conveys calm and safety. For the safety of their parents, donkeys do not like to run or jump, but walk regularly without acceleration. With the donkeys can be taken daily or real walks trekking: children ride donkeys or load them with their luggage. Soon, between the animal and its young rider a direct line, a communication that only children are capable of to have.



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Do you like challenges? Are you looking for the adrenaline of a hang-gliding free-flight or the thrill of riding the rapids of the Nera in a rubber raft? Do you prefer to ride a horse in an incomparable landscape or tame the wind with a sail? Umbria, a waterfall of entertainment.

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