The farm was founded by Giulio Onori, the leader and the grand-grandfather of the family. His dream came true by founding this farm after a lifetime with hard work and sacrifices. In 1932, Onori Family got a major chance which brought a possessive contact between the land and the forest through Castello di Pupaggi. With a great passion, he devoted himself to produce and do marketing of charcoal, wood to burn, lime for building industry and especially wooden blocks for railway as well as reorganizing the all shore cropping of the farm.
By the founder Giulio Onori, the grandson Giulio Onori and grand-grandson Adolfo Onori became the founders of rebirth of Castello di Pupaggi. Adolfo who is grand-grandson of the founder family, as a heir of the passion of these mountains, has created an entrepreneurial innovation concept not only in agricultural production but also for tourist accommodation and cultural entertainment.
Today after eight years of its inception of the innovative project, with an expression of integration between agriculture, tourism and culture. Followings have arisen:

  • Raising wild Umbrian Black Pigs for a fresh meat source and processing
  • A restaurant in which traditional Umbrian dishes are cooked with farm products
  • Production of wheat and lentils and also a small garden to raise some vegetables
  • A lively animal farm for our little guests’ visit and enjoyment.